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Ready Made companies in Poland

The fastes and easiest way to start business in Poland is to buy a ready made company. All our companies are formated in Limited Liability Company. This is the most common type of company in Poland. It allows you to formate your businnes however you want.

We offer ready made companies located in biggest polish cities such as:
- Warsaw (capital of Poland)
- Cracow
- Poznan
- Wroclaw
- Katowice
and more other.

All our companies are VAT active and have never been trading before. We also give you a 6 months virtual office in the price of a company.
On request we can provide companies in other cities in Poland.

If you want some particular type of company - contact us, and we will prepare an offer for you.



Our specialized accountants will provide you the best quality in accounting based on their experience in accounting many well known, international companies.

Tax law in Poland is pretty compicated for foreingners, mostly due to strict deadlines for filing. That is why we are offering comprehensive tax advisory for you.

We will prepare for you all documents needed for tax office.
Our team will count for you all income and VAT taxes needed to pay.

We always base our actions on the most current tax laws in Europe.

For pricelist please contact us - we will prepare a special offer, which will meet your expectations!


Company advising

Our team has experience in advising in the area of running a company in Poland. We can find the best solution for your company.

We can:
help you choose the best formation of your company
provide specialized workers
design a website for your company
prepare advertising campaign
and much more.

If you don’t know what business you should start in Poland, or what company formation to choose - we will help you with making this decision.

Our company

We are a group of experienced specialists in law, accounting, tax advisory and business advisory.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of services. We always serve our clients the same way we would like to be treated in business contacts.
What distinguishes us is:
- professionalism
- diligence
- accuracy in actions
- integrity
- responsiveness to changes
- experience

Many companies trusted us- give us a chance to help you in business!


The best solution for your business!

Professional translations and bank accounts opening

We understand how important is fast bank transfer. Due to this, we offer professional sworn translations of company docs needed for opening bank account, even for foreign companies! Decide to trust us, assistance in the bank will be for free.
If you want to know more - contact us on


Ready Made companies in Europe

In our offer we have many ready made companies in Europe.

Countries we can always ensure best quality service right away:
Czech Republic

In other countries it might take up to 24h to find the best ready made company for you.
For more information contact us!

Virtual offices

Important thing when starting new business is location.

We always provide virtual offices in direct city centers.
In the price of a virtual office you will get registration adress, mailing service, translations of letters. There is also a possibility to rent an office (for hours) for business meetings.

If you want some unusual localation of your headquater (outside large cities) please contact us, and we will find the best office for you.


For more information:

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We are using WhatsApp and Wickr Me!

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